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3rd Party Contracting Services


Essentially, this is something which enables us to provide services you sell to your customers.  For example, if you have a customer in need of Cat6 Network Wiring in their home or business and you sell them the service to complete the task, we can provide the service to your customer for a portion of sale amount.  If the job requires 10 wire runs at a cost of $100 each, we might agree to a rate of $75 per run, allowing you to keep 25% of the sale without needing to perform the service yourself.  (Rates will vary depending on the service and contract)


Here are just a couple of reasons why businesses use 3rd party contractors:


1.  The first reason would be to handle overflow business in order to allow for growth.  In this case, if your sales are increasing but you're not quite ready to increase your staffing, this solution allows you to bring in more business without worrying about the additional labor expense needed to provide the services sold.  This also allows you to expand geographically since you are not limited to where you business is located.  Rather, you could now offer services anywhere in the world that 3rd party contractors are available to provide your services.


2. The second reason is convenience.  Most installation companies have to hire and train new installers on a regular basis, as well as provide vehicles and materials to get the jobs done.  On top of that, there is the daily communication that takes place between the installers, customers, dispatchers and field managers which needs to be coordinated.  Imagine if you only needed to make one call to a single location where all the information you need to know about every service order is maintained!


In most retail cases, the flow of business where 3rd party contracting is involved works something like this:


1. Customer purchases services (and/or products) from you.

2. You transfer the client's order information and agreed amount to 3P-Contractor.

3. The 3P-Contractor, in accordance with your company guidelines, provides services and customer service standards agreed upon including:

   - Scheduling and communication with client

   - Vehicle, uniform and installer qualifications and appearances

   - Ensuring that all installers have passed required background and drug screens

   - Requesting surveys and maintaining minimum results as agreed upong for survey count and score / result


Other topics to review would include how we process additional labor if any is added in the field, how to handle cancelled orders and refunds, limitations of services provided or service area, and other specifics as needed by client. 




For more detailed information, please contact us and support@jaagmedia.com or by phone at (469) 347-9097.

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